9 Epic Uses For Hidden Pages On Your Website

I have been on the Squarespace train since January and I am still learning new little tricks here and there.  One of my favorite things about Squarespace is that you can create unlinked pages.  My former website platform (Big Cartel) didn't allow this, so every page that I created had a link that appeared in either the header or footer navigation.  This was annoying because I didn't necessarily want visitors to see every page that I created.  Once I switched to Squarespace and saw that there was a section of the "Pages" page that was called "Not Linked", I knew that this was the platform for me!  As I began building my site, I was coming across various uses for these types of pages, and I keep thinking of more!  Today I will be discussing 9 uses for these beloved pages that you may consider applying to your own site.  As a note, this is from a Squarespace perspective, but you can create unlinked pages on Wordpress and Blogger as well.  I think it may just be easier and faster in Squarespace (especially comparing it to the process in Blogger which was my blogging platform before the switch)!

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10 Must-Have Physical and Digital Blogging Resources to Increase Productivity

Hi Friends!  Today I am over on the Chic Little House blog discussing 10 must-have physical and digital blogging resources with my friend Katrina.  Katrina shares her passion for interior design, treasure hunting, DIY Projects and design solutions for small home dwellers on her amazing blog, Chic Little House.  You may remember our post from a few months ago, 10 Essential Blog Updates That Every Blogger Should Know, so today we have some more goodies to share with you!  Head on over to read our tips!

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