Squarespace 9 Months In

Squarespace websites are all the rave these days, and rightfully so.  I am a graphic designer that also dabbles a little in web design, so I prefer a easier way of creating a website that doesn't involve too much coding knowledge.  When I first started blogging 8 years ago and up until last December I was using the Blogger platform. This was reasonable at the time for my DIY and home decor blog because all that I really needed was a clean layout and the ability to customize it, but for my business blog it was quickly becoming a problem since I was limited on what I could do.   At a certain point I began to realize that blogger wasn’t going to cut it for me and I needed to choose another blogging platform especially when I ended up having two URLs related to my business.  After comparing Wordpress and Squarespace, Squarespace was the winner.  Today, after 9 months of use, I am going to tell you 10 reasons why Squarespace became cool with me and the awesome things that it has to offer.  9 months...it's like I birthed a Squarespace baby and am telling you about the 9 month pregnancy journey now :D  Before we get started, this is NOT a sponsored post...I just love Squarespace and wanted to share my experience with you all, my boo’s :)

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The Basics: Newsletter 101

If you had a penny for every time you read or heard that having an email list is incredibly important when you are a blogger or business owner, I'm sure you would be wealthy and on an amazing vacation right now.  But let's take a step back and start from the beginning.  You should have a solid understanding of what email marketing is and the different terms that relate to newsletters.  Let’s get down to vocab.  Newsletter Lingo.  Modal, Opt-In, exit-intent...what does it all mean?  I’m going to discuss this in detail, so if you’ve ever been confused on newsletter terms, keep reading.  Hey, even if you aren’t confused, read on anyway because you may learn something new!


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