Lead Magnet vs. Content Upgrade and How to Choose Yours (+ a freebie!)

Lead Magnet, content upgrade, freebie.  All of these are terms used to describe something valuable that you are giving away for free in exchange for an email address.  You may have been hearing all of these terms around internet town, but you may find yourself at a standstill when it comes to deciding on what to offer on your website.  Today I will be discussing the similarities and difference between a lead magnet and content upgrade and how to choose one (or many!) for your site.


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3 Hidden Pockets Of Free Time To Take Advantage Of

TIME!  It’s something that we would all love more of.  So much of it is taken up by default (work, home, sleep, etc.)...how can you possibly find the time to do things that need to be done for your blog or biz?  This is a totally reasonable feeling to have.  What is totally unreasonable, though, is surrendering to time and not attempting to get creative and find hidden pockets of free time.  I spoke on one myth about time in a previous post and it was that you have to get up an hour early to maximize your time to get blog/biz tasks completed.  I disagreed with this, and if you’d like to know why, check out that post here.  Today I will be sharing with you another myth about time, why I consider it a myth, and what you can do about it.


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