About Color Hug

Color Hug is a source for bloggers and creative hustlers to stay motivated with colorful, witty products, and to learn how to use software to suit their needs in their blog or business.  Founded in 2012 as a colorful paper goods shop, Color Hug evolved into a business specifically for bloggers and entrepreneurs offering physical products (coffee mugs, motivational art prints, etc.) and online tech training courses.  I want to help keep the hustle strong, so I also blog about creative tips and strategies for productivity to implement in your blog/biz and offer various free resources that my audience gets great use out of!  If you would like to receive access to these amazing resources, click here to sign up!


About Lauren

I am a Graphic Designer to the core and on paper (according to my degree!).  I started out as a freelance designer after college then decided to start Color Hug a few years later.  I have been blogging for 9 years and have learned how to use various computer programs to suit my needs in my business and blogs.  With the knowledge gained, I am now here to share it with you!  I know that being a blogger/entrepreneur can be challenging at times, but I also know that it can be fun!  My aim is to provide the fun in your blog/biz with colorful, motivating products and to teach you how to use software that will make your processes easier in a non-techy, understandable way!  I'd love to connect with you, so say bonjour on twitter!